The Lib Dems have long faced a crisis of function. They were formed as the third way between a working class left and a capitalist right; broadly, they would represent the middle-class centre. Ironically, given their history, they spent their most productive years opposing Labour from the left.

Source Direct Election Profile: The Lib Dems

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After a year of a public health crisis, does the Scottish government need to invest more in holistic, ‘joined-up’ healthcare, and initiatives such as social prescribing – connecting people to non-medical forms of support and community engagement.

Social Prescriptions as Investment for Scottish Healthcare

“The saddest thing about attempts to batter Northern Ireland’s distinctive and prolonged traumas into a Brexit-shaped argument groove, is the implication that things would be grand if only the boat hadn’t been rocked: we should seek to maintain the present ludicrous settlement, which has seen poverty and alienation flourish.”

David Jamieson: Northern Ireland isn’t a character in your Brexit drama