Live in Edinburgh? Your city needs you. For the good of Scotland’s capital, you must “act like a tourist”.  You see, the tourist industry doesn’t have any tourists to sell their stuff to, so residents need to take their place. Out of the goodness of your hearts, the people of Edinburgh need to rush back […]

A panic about contact tracing in Minnesota, United States, spread after Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said that they were “contact tracing” protestors there.  “As we’ve begun making arrests, we have begun analysing the data of who we have arrested and begun actually doing what we think is almost pretty similar to our Covid [strategy]. […]

Why outsourcing and secrecy is the route to contact tracing and testing failure

Take a step back and look at the United States, 2020. Over 100,000 dead from Covid-19, by far the most in the world. Responding to a global crisis by exiting the World Health Organisation, stirring conspiracy theories about how the virus originated and using its Navy to steal global supplies of ventilators in acts of international piracy. […]

A world after the US Empire?

The UK has joined the US, Australia and Canada in condemning the Chinese state for imposing a new security law in Hong Kong during the pandemic. The special administrative area in China was once a colony of the British Empire and the statement declared that the four powers have a “significant and long-standing stake” in […]

UK and allies condemn China over Hong Kong security law

Four in five Scottish engineering firms have warned they will cut jobs due to the economic slowdown. The warning comes as part of industry lobbying into speading up the end of lockdown. Industry bosses want Scotland to end its lockdown in tandem with England. (Herald)

Scottish engineering firms warn of job losses

The Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes has warned the costs of tackling the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences far outweigh central UK Government funding for Scotland. She has previously complained that a pledged £60 million in business assistance for Scottish business never materialised. (Herald)

Scottish Finance Secretary warns of limits of Coronavirus funds

Prime Minister Boris Johnsons’s special adviser Dominic Cummings may have broken lockdown rules in a “minor breach” according to Durham police. The Number 10 strategist has been at the heart of a controversy since last week after it was revealed he travelled from London to the North East town at the height of lockdown. (The […]

Durham police say Cummings may have breached lockdown

“The Scottish independence movement emerged precisely as a response to war, economic crisis, environmental decline, national, local and global inequalities. It identifies the British state as a road block to sound governance and a serious orientation on the social, economic and geopolitical problems we face.”

Why independence won’t go away