10 secret Santa gifts on Common Market


As the deadline for your secret Santa gift approaches, we highlight a few great gift ideas from Common Market.

COMMON MARKET has a huge range of fantastic items on sale from local, ethical and independent producers based across Scotland. Here is a list of 10 standout items that are £10 or less (delivery prices excluded).


1) Scots Sayings: Calendar by Stewart Bremner

The Scots language has a long and colourful history, that stretches back well over a thousand years. Part of its colour isn’t just the glorious words, but also the unique sayings. Bremner’s calendar has collected and illustrated twelve of our favourite sayings, so that we can all have a bit of Scots colour on our walls!


2) Aromatherapy Chocolate: from JustBe Botanicals

What would Christmas be like without chocolate? If you don’t want to give your friends chocolate coins you can go for something more aromatherapeutic from Common Market. All JustBe products are hand-blended in small batches in Scotland using purely naturally ingredients.


3) Dried Seaweed: Ooshka Soap Ltd

Wild harvested naturally dried Loch Sunart seaweed. Rehydrate in warm bath water and experience mineral marine salts that will relax stiff muscles and relieve aches and pains. Perfect for a cosy Christmas night in.


4) That’s Jammy: 3 Jars of your choice by Chelly

Common Market boasts some fantastic food products and That’s Jammy’s Jam is a great addition to a kitchen pantry. This is a secret Santa gift that will certainly not disappoint.


5) A selection of 3 Sri Spice side dish curry kits: by Sri Spice Ltd

Sticking with food, Sri Spice offers a fantastic selection of curry kits. There are some great options on offer including Ala Thel Dala (Crispy Spiced Potatoes), Delicious Dhal, Punchy Pineapple and Coconut Greens. Perfect for a friend who loves to cook.


6) Hi-top Converse – Babies cloths by Merry-Go-Round

If the boot fits… Merry-Go-Round are a fantastic social enterprise who are a children’s boutique selling pre-loved children’s goods at low low prices. There aims are threefold; to save local families money by offering great children’s goods at low prices, to support local families in need with free goods and to provide employment and volunteering opportunities in the local community. Perfect if your secret Santa friend has a little one to take care of.


7) GalGael Whisky Keyring: GalGael enterprises

This keyring is made from recycled aged Scottish whisky barrel staves. It has been hand crafted here in Scotland. The witty text “Never cry over spilt milk, it could have been whisky.” has been laser-cut onto the keyring. You’ll also be supporting another fantastic social enterprise the GalGael Trust which has been working alongside the unemployed in Glasgow’s south since 1997.


8) Butterfly Rammy T-Shirt from Common Weal

We couldn’t resist adding one of Common Weal’s own pieces of merch onto this list. Butterfly Rammy t-shirts were created for Common Weal’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival show last year and are still going strong. A great secret Santa for your more political friends!


9) Pagan Symbols of the Picts: a book by Stuart McHardy (Luath Press)

Did you know that Christmas has pagan roots?  A book like this is a great gift for a friend who is interested in their Celtic/Pictish history and there are plenty of other books to explore by Luath Press for another stocking filler or two.


10) Highland Cow Coaster: Laura Rennie Photography

Highland Cow Coasters: everyone has a friend that would want some. Coasters like these are what make mulled wine a warmer experience and these images are unique to Laura Rennie Photography. 


That’s the list of 10 possible secret Santa gift ideas from Common Market. You can of course see more from Common Market by visiting www.commonmarket.scot

Pictures courtesy of the Common Market producers.


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