A Clear Bright Future? CS Interview with Paul Mason

Ben Wray

CommonSpace caught up with journalist and author Paul Mason in Glasgow on Thursday [16 May]

PAUL MASON talked to CS journalist David Jamieson about his new book, ‘Clear Bright Future: A radical defence of the Human Being’, and how his belief in radical humanism relates to the politics of Britain and Scotland in the Brexit crisis. 

Mason and Jamieson discuss:

00:00 – 11:56: The case for radical humanism, and what sort of emancipatory politics is dervied from that perspective

11:57 – 19:07: How radical humanism fits with the current Brexit crisis and the wider crisis of democracy

19:08 – 27:26: How the European Union fits into any radical project for democracy and freedom

27:27 – 35:33: Should Scottish independence be a project for national sovereignty? 

‘Clear Bright Future’ can be purchased from Penguin.

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