Activists call on indy supporters to join march to demonstrate “appetite” for Scotref


Pro-union parties have failed to acknowledge Scottish Parliament vote to seek referendum

ACTIVISTS are organising a pro-independence march days from one of the most dramatic UK elections in living memory.

Organisers want supporters to send a message to pro-union politicians who say independence is “divisive”, in a Scottish election dominated on the unionist side by scares about Scottish autonomy.

Leaders of pro-independence parties, especially the Scottish Tories, have called on voters to back then to show that there is “no appetite” for a referendum voted for by the Scottish Parliament in March.

Pro-independence parties such as the SNP and the Scottish Greens have instead campaigned on issues from Scotland’s relationship to Brexit to austerity and the environment.

The march, organised by pro-independence groups including ‘All Under One Banner’, ‘aYe Scotland’ the Yes Bikers and the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC).

“The march will be the largest held and will dispel the Scottish Labour and Tory party tired myth of ‘there is no appetite for a second referendum’.” Demonstration organisers

Common Weal director Robin McAlpine, who is speaking at the event said: “We’ve been living through a period where the whole story about Scottish independence has been controlled by unionists. They have made a concerted attempt to paint independence as a destructive and divisive belief rather than the legitimate and hopeful aspiration of many, many Scots.

“This will change as soon as we can get into a proper debate about the options that lie ahead for Scotland and unionists have to justify the direction the UK is taking. But until we can get that debate started properly, it is important that the movement keeps up all the positive momentum it can.”

Facebook page for the march has eight and a half thousand people signed up as ‘going’ and organisers expect thousands to turn out on the day to make the independence movement’s voice heard.

Watch the full march live here from 10:30am with Independence Live

The demonstration will move off from Kelvingrove park at 10:30am, moving through the city centre and on to Glasgow Green, where it will be greeted by a convoy of Yes Bikers.

In a statement, event organisers said: “On Saturday thousands of people will march in support of Independence for Scotland. This march organised by All Under One Banner and assisted by Yes Bikers and aYe Scotland will be the largest held and will dispel the Scottish Labour and Tory party tired myth of ‘there is no appetite for a second referendum’.

“Many thousands are expected and this will give them the opportunity to show their passion and determination.”

Across the UK, a fierce election is raging between Conservative leader Theresa May and leftwing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn is surging in the polls, with an Ipsos Mori poll placing Labour at 40 per cent, behind the Tories on 45. At the end of April, Ipsos Mori placed Labour at just 26 per cent.

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An election aimed at giving the Tories a super-majority in the House of Commons ahead of Brexit negotiations has turned into an embarrassing retreat for May, who has become subject to criticism over her austerity measures and accusations she lacks leadership skills due to a low-key campaign.

In Scotland unionist campaigns have called for a vote against the Scottish Parliament’s backing for a second independence referendum.

That vote followed the UK’s decision to leave the EU, despite 62 per cent of Scots voting to remain, conditions under which the SNP had said they could organise a second independence referendum in the 2016 Scottish elections, which the party won overwhelmingly.

On average, support for independence has remained largely consistent since 45 per cent of Scots backed a Yes vote and 55 per cent a No vote in September 2014.

Picture courtesy of Màrtainn MacDhòmhnaill

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