Activists project “Trident is a war crime” onto Palace of Westminster 


Renewal of weapons of mass destruction threatens “radioactive hell”

UK POLITICIANS were reminded that this year they will vote on the future of nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of innocent people in a guerrilla projection protest last night [Monday 6 June] in London. 

Protest group Feral X projected the slogans “Trident is a war crime” and “Stop Trident Replacement” onto the side of the Palace of Westminster, which houses the UK parliament. 

The stunt comes ahead of a promised vote on the future of Trident nuclear weapons later this year. 

Liz Khan, of activist group London Women in Black, said: “Trident is a war crime because it is designed to kill millions and create a radioactive hell on Earth.

“Instead of squandering our money on building more weapons of mass destruction it's time for Britain to join negotiations with the majority of UN member states to ban and eliminate all nuclear weapons.”

The message coincides with direct action protests against the UK military blockading the gates of the UK's Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Burghfield in Berkshire, where Trident warheads are manufactured.

Cost projects for Trident weapons renewal have spiralled to well beyond £100bn, leading to opposition from MPs across the political spectrum. 

Opposition has been most fierce in Scotland, where Trident submarines are based at Faslane naval base. 

Last November 74 per cent of the Scottish Parliament opposed the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons. 97 per cent of Scottish MPs are also opposed. 

Picture courtesy of Feral X

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