Angus Robertson: Politics of occupied Palestine is “not sustainable”


SNP Westminster leader warns that “hardline” Israeli government is damaging relations

THE POLITICAL SYSTEM preventing peace and justice in Palestine and Israel is “not sustainable”, according to SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson.

Robertson, a leading figure in developing the party’s foreign policy, criticised the Israeli Governments approach to the ongoing occupation of Palestine during an interview with Jewish News .

There has been growing pressure – including within the SNP – for greater diplomatic action since the bombing of Gaza in 2013, which killed 1,903 Palestinians including 450 children.

Speaking of the current failure to begin peace negotiations, Robertson said: “The status quo is not sustainable. There is tremendous frustration, a lack of understanding about the hardline attitudes of the Israeli government and what appears from the outside to be total procrastination to putting relations with the Palestinians on a positive footing.

“I feel the Israeli government has been losing the sympathy of a great number of people at home and abroad.” Angus Robertson

“I feel the Israeli government has been losing the sympathy of a great number of people at home and abroad because it’s not been prepared to deal properly with the issue of Palestinian self-determination and a two-state solution.”

CommonSpace research found that a majority of SNP MPs support the party’s ‘Friends of Palestine’ group, which seeks to build solidarity with those seeking a peaceful solution to the generational conflict.

Tommy Sheppard MP recently supported the Palestinian solidarity campaigners’ call for a boycott of goods from the occupied territories .

Recently the European Union voted to label goods from the occupied territories, recognising that the land is illegally held.

Robertson supported this move, adding: “One has to have transparency about these issues and not pretend the occupied territories are part of Israel. They are not – they are occupied. It’s entirely right that is made clear.”

The Scottish Government supports the recognition of Palestine as a state, whereas the UK Government abstained on the matter at the United Nations.

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Picture courtesy of Angus Robertson