Angus Robertson: ‘Scottish independence is people’s choice to protect public services’

Nathanael Williams

SNP’s depute kicks off party conference with a rallying call to protect public services, the economy and people’s democracy

THE ONLY WAY to protect public services and the economy is to uphold the Scottish people’s right to democratically choose whether to resist a Tory hard Brexit or opt for independence, according to Angus Roberston.

Robertson, the party’s depute leader, addressed the SNP conference in Aberdeen stating that the conference would show that the SNP was focused on the policies to improve Scotland and that it cared about Scotland’s democratic well-being.

The speech, today (Friday 17 March), follows the comments by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, Secretary for Scotland David Mundell and UK Prime Minister Theresa May that they would not grant permission for a second independence referendum.

“We will also show the trust we place in the people of Scotland.” Angus Robertson

He said: “Our conference will underline our party’s priorities – education, growing the economy, investing in the NHS and protecting public services.

“We will also show the trust we place in the people of Scotland.

“It is clear from the PM’s panicked response to the Scottish Government’s decision to rightly, give people in Scotland a choice over Scotland’s future, that the Tories are simply scared of the people’s choice.”

Robertson’s words are in response to the accusation that the SNP have let their raison d’être of independence cloud any commitment to solving “everyday issues” that affect the Scottish people.

But the opening address also follows a new poll by YouGov showing that 46 per cent of Scots think that the UK Government should agree to another referendum compared with 42 per cent who disagree.

The MP for Moray continued: “The Tories argument is not about process, it is about their desperate desire to prevent anyone having the chance to reject the hard right Brexit that they are so wedded to.

“The truth is it should not be for either Theresa May or the Scottish Government to decide Scotland’s future, that choice belongs to the parliament and the people of Scotland and it is one this party will never shy away from.”

Nicola Sturgeon, first minister and leader of the SNP, will give a speech to her party’s faithful on Saturday 17 of March.

This week Oxford economist Professor Simon Wren-Lewis, Professor of economic policy at the Blavatnik School of government at Oxford University and a fellow of Merton College, said that the direction of economic policy at Westminster now made the case for a successful independent Scotland – and to protect public services. 

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