Apolitical: Interview with Carolyn Scott from NewsShaft


Latest epsidoe of apolitical is now out

THE apolitical podcast this week meets Carolyn Scott, presenter and producer on popular Scottish politics broadcast offering NewsShaft.

Topics discussed include:

– Her introduction to political activism;

– Whether she has ambitions of a career in politics;

– The genesis of News Scotland CIC;

– The strengths of developing ‘new media’ sources in Scotland;

– The benefits and drawbacks of online-only media;

– Why News Scotland didn’t eventually launch a Scottish digital TV channel;

– What ‘new media’ offers that traditional media doesn’t;

– Sustainable funding models for ‘new media’;

– NewsShaft and other News Scotland CIC projects;

– Her approach to issue-based politics and whether causes are being overwhelmed by the independence movement;

– The case for electoral reform at Westminster; and

– Her assessment of the future for ‘new media’ and News Scotland CIC.

Click here to listen to the podcast on the apolitical website.

Picture courtesy of News Scotland CIC