Apolitical podcast launches with interview of Labour Party activist Duncan Hothersall


New Scottish politics podcast gets underway

THE first episode of Apolitical, a new politics podcast for Scotland, features an interview with Labour Party activist Duncan Hothersall.

Presenter Iain Bartholomew – a founder of the Apolitical podcast, which aims to be a provide a “space for more non-partisan, considered discussion” of Scottish politics (click here to read more) – speaks to Hothersall about his political journey and role models, and the Scottish Fabians.

The Apolitical website says: “In Episode 1, apolitical sat down with Duncan Hothersall to discuss his political roots, heroes and ambitions.

“For anyone familiar only with Duncan’s high-volume, opinionated and occasionally confrontational Twitter contributions here is an opportunity to decide whether that persona is a true representation. Duncan is a member of the Scottish Fabians, chair of the constituency Labour Party for Edinburgh South and is a high profile activist for Scottish Labour.”

Click here to listen to the podcast on the Apolitical website.

Picture courtesy of Apolitical