.@apoliticalpod: Interview with CommonSpace editor Angela Haggerty


Apolitical kicks off season two of its interview series with CommonSpace editor Angela Haggerty

IN the first episode of season two of Apolitical, CommonSpace editor Angela Haggerty joins the team in the studio to discuss her recent departure from the Sunday Herald.

Haggerty’s column was immediately discontinued after she expressed support for a fellow journalist, Graham Spiers, on social media after he experienced abuse from football fans over a column he’d written a few weeks before.

The Herald made an apology after Spiers made claims in his column about a Rangers Football Club director that the title wasn’t confident could be robustly defended in court, although Spiers has maintained his article was a truthful account.

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The subsequent resignation of Spiers from the Herald and Haggerty’s sacking became a national news story and raised questions about freedom of the press and the ability of journalists and newspapers to operate properly under current defamation laws in Scotland.

In this episode of Apolitical, Haggerty discusses the incident, its implications and her experience of harassment and abuse as a result of previous work on the story of Rangers’ financial collapse.

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Picture courtesy of Apolitical