“Scotland has effectively reached the end of its ‘devolution journey’. Once Scotland was promised that it would have ‘the most powerful devolved government in the world’ but it seems that the limits of that high tide has been reached and those powers are now retreating by the day.”

Craig Dalzell: Westminster power grabs and the high tide of devolution

“People will remember the mad-dash scramble to “fudge” the UK figures to meet the target of 100,000 tests per day by the end of April. Less well advertised is that while the UK’s testing figures are still less than spectacular, they have overtaken Scotland’s and have remained consistently higher since late April and for the entire month of May.”

Testing failures mean Scotland may be sleepwalking into a new crisis

“We need to start moving more towards a Circular Economy which will mean designing our products to last longer, use fewer resources and be easier to repair. This attitude stands directly in the face of many of the mass market shops on our High Street which thrive on selling us fast, single use items that we have to buy again and again.”

What will the High Street look like after lockdown?

“If this strategy is not implemented adequately then it will have much the same effect as not implementing it at all. This will force Scotland to re-impose the strict lockdown that we’ve endured until now and will come at the cost of even more lives than we’ve lost so far.”

Lighting the Tunnel

“As tourism has been one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, so it will likely be one of the sectors most difficult to reopen.”

On Your Marks, Jet Set…

“I’m relieved that the Scottish Government is starting to make progress on protecting Scotland from this virus but there is still a gap between where we appear to be going and where experts far more experienced in this than I say we should be going. The challenge ahead is daunting but the virus doesn’t really care about half measures.”

Reviewing Scotland’s Testing Strategy

“Let’s look at the people who are particularly disadvantaged by those dual problems of essential travel and low pay to see if ideas like free public transport or a universal basic income or, simply, a pay scale commensurate to their societal value can make that more sustainable.”

Off Road and Off The Rails

“We shouldn’t be constructing buildings today that will need to be retrofitted later to meet zero-carbon standards and with the deadline for Scotland being a zero-carbon nation only 25 years away we certainly shouldn’t be constructing things today that will last less than 25 years.”

Build Back Better

“The economy is not some mechanistic computer that can simply be turned off and on again so we should be prepared for a substantial amount of rebuilding as we come out of the crisis.”

Turn it off and on again