“We shouldn’t be constructing buildings today that will need to be retrofitted later to meet zero-carbon standards and with the deadline for Scotland being a zero-carbon nation only 25 years away we certainly shouldn’t be constructing things today that will last less than 25 years.”

Build Back Better

“The economy is not some mechanistic computer that can simply be turned off and on again so we should be prepared for a substantial amount of rebuilding as we come out of the crisis.”

Turn it off and on again

“The Scottish Government must change track now. It must adopt, in full, the WHO’s pandemic strategies and must do it quickly. Otherwise, we’re only weeks away from a catastrophe that was warned about months ago but apparently ignored.”

Testing, Testing, 1, 2…

“Times are interesting enough without fettering our country with rules that no longer make sense, never did, and will ultimately leave us vulnerable to another round of crises as the economic cycle returns to ‘normal’.”

Craig Dalzell: Investing in Interesting Times