“A Democrat administration would be more hostile to Brexit, and more willing to work with Brussels to squeeze the UK in Brexit negotiations. This could create and avenue for opposition forces in the UK, above all Starmer’s Labour and the SNP.”

What does Joe Biden’s nomination mean for Scotland?

The US has said it will not execute two British Islamic State suspects should they be convicted. Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh are accused of being surviving members of an Islamic State cell nicknamed ‘The Beatles’ and accused of killing hostages. (BBC)

Research conducted for the campaigning group Hope Not Hate has found that two thirds of black and minority ethnic people in the UK believe the police are biased against them. A large majority also said they felt court systems were biased against them. (BBC)

New Scottish Government figures have confirmed the Scotland is again in recession. The country has experienced to consecutive quarters of negative growth, with the second quarter recording a massive -19.7 per cent growth amid lockdown conditions. (The National)