There is a thread linking criticisms about financial transparency with Biagi’s resignation. Both centre on claims that the SNP is not making preparations for a referendum this term.

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In the best Twitter tradition, Spear’s sentiments were unnuanced, unhelpful and uninformed. But, just for one second, let’s lighten up and admit what we all know: the UK is annoying.

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The Cummings-Johnson showdown looks likely to play out like Holyrood’s own high noon. Revelations and accusations will titillate the political class; and some authentically scandalous insights into state power will be uncovered. But the wider public may look the other way.

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Scotland’s billionaire wealth stood at £2.7 billion a decade ago; as late as 2019, it was £17.2 billion; and now, two years on, it stands at £22.4 billion. It’s worth taking a second to breathe, read those figures again and wonder what has become of this self-consciously progressive nation.

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You could purge the upper classes of its Latin and even of its Etonian playing fields; but class is encoded in capitalism’s DNA. You can wage war against genetic destiny, but you’ll be fighting a losing battle. As Jeff Goldblum put it in Jurassic Park – nature finds a way.

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Politics aside, the facts are stark. All of these parties committed Holyrood to targets on child poverty. This included an interim target, now only three years away, of a reduction to 18 percent. But statistics now show that poverty was increasing, even before the pandemic, to roughly one in four.

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Sturgeon remains intent on governing as before, appeasing the Left with low-cost cultural liberalism, appeasing the right with low taxes and by perpetuating wealth and privilege intact.

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