Back Scotland against Tory “nationalists in London”: Austrian author tells European Parliament 


European Parliament told to back Scotland over ‘London nationalists’

SCOTLAND’S MOVEMENT FOR INDEPENDENCE AND INTERNATIONALISM should be embraced by the European establishment as a way of standing up the “nationalism” and “nationalists in London”, according to an Austrian author addressing a historic sitting of the European Parliament. 

Robert Menasse, speaking yesterday (Tuesday 21 March) in Brussels told the packed chamber that they should not abandon the democratic vote of people in Scotland to remain within the European family of nations or “give in to the nationalists in London”. 

Menasse’s speech – a rallying call against nationalist forces – illustrates the growing sympathy for Scotland across the continent in response to the aggressive isolationism and anti-EU sentiment now dominant in the Tory Government in London. 

Talking of the threat from nationalist forces and the risk that European Governments will opt for pragmatism over principle and unity, Menasse said: “I’m afraid that you will be part of that, that you will betray the Scottish in their will to remain Europeans. That you will give in to the nationalists in London.” 

He said that the “English government” was taking away European citizenship from those who wanted to remain.

“Nationalism is not the solution it is the problem,” he said, in an event marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome – a key founding document in the European project. The EU’s key success, he said, is as a peace project following the regular spells of violence in European across thousands of years. 

“This should never again happen”, he said. Rejecting the horrors of the second world war and Nazi genocide was “a promise for eternity” born in the European project.

Previously Scottish MEP Alyn Smith brought the parliament to its feet with an impassioned call to “not let Scotland down” following the 62 per cent vote to remain. 

Picture courtesy of EU Parliament

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