Bella Caledonia: A Little Bit More Conversation


By Alan Mackie

SO FAR we at Common Weal Fife have had three meetings, and three well attended meetings. We should be pleased – the fact that people are coming to Kirkcaldy from all over Fife to meet on cold (and sometimes wet) weekday evenings is something to acknowledge.

From what I’m seeing and hearing from across Scotland, we’re not the only group with lots of people showing up regularly. Attendance at various political meetings and events across the country seems to be a fact of life for a great many of us now.

What drags us out each time will no doubt be personal to every one of us. For some it might be boredom (I hope not, but you never know!). For others it might be meeting new faces. For others still it might be a political awakening (or continuation). I have a hunch, though, that for many of us (and certainly for me) it is the opportunity to discuss politics.

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