Bella Caledonia: Eat your GM cereal


By Bella Caledonia editor Mike Small

PREDICTABLY, as soon as the Scottish GM opt-out was announced a crowd of overnight experts appeared.

Some people just have an unswerving devotion to scientists and, in a fragile and confidence-sapped democratic culture this emerges as a quaint belief in a sort of 'Expertocracy'. With a slightly useless political class, we defer, endlessly.

Men in White Suits are ALWAYS right, just because they always have been. The central message is: Obey. Added to this social thought experiment is the potent belief that everything's pretty much fine.

This is UK:OK Agriculture. Some of the chief complainers are averse to any Scottish policy innovation. What would we know? Alex Massie, after at least 24 hours googling 'GM' emerged as one such mighty expert positively dripping with disdain in The Times about 'cranks'. Others are just a bit confused.

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Picture courtesy of Kirill Ignatyev