Bella Caledonia: Gender trouble in the Highlands and Islands


A recent conspiracy at the Crofting Commission may be another instance of Scotland’s unhealthy sexual politics, writes Dr Iain MacKinnon

WHEN Nicola Sturgeon became First Minister of Scotland she emphasised that gender equality and the rights of women would be one of her key priorities.

Of her appointment, she said: “I hope that it sends a strong, positive message to girls and young women, indeed to all women, across our land – there should be no limit to your ambition for what you can achieve.”

These words were followed up with a statement far more powerful as Sturgeon announced a gender equal cabinet comprising five women and five men, and promoted a number of talented younger women to ministerial positions.

The strength of her action perhaps testifies to the centuries long suppression and exclusion of women in Scottish public life. Sadly, the country can be regarded as a pioneer in this regard.

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Picture courtesy of hazelisles