Bella Caledonia: Marx, modernity and makeovers: What next for the Scottish left?


By Jordan Daly

LIKE many others across Scotland, it was the energy of the referendum that enticed me into engaging actively in politics.

Throughout the Yes campaign trail and in the months leading up to the 18th September 2014: something special happened. Scotland became an astutely politicised nation – we witnessed a surge in participatory politics within those working class communities most affected by the current UK wide austerity agenda.
Up and down the country, people who would once have been sat watching brainwash TV on a Wednesday night were suddenly holding political meetings and passionately engaging in debate with their peers.

Formerly disenfranchised sections of society found hope – for a fairer, truly egalitarian system that lends a hand of support to those who are currently under attack from a network of elitism, corruption and inequality.

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Picture courtesy of photogreuhphies