Bella Caledonia: Our future in our hands


14 year-old Eireann Sheridan reflects on her experiences of the referendum and asks: who stole my future?

APPREHENSION and excitement buzzed throughout my whole being, I could think of little else even when at school. The 18th of September loomed nearer by the moment, and all that occupied my mind, were thoughts and hopes for the outcome of Scotland’s referendum. This was a new thing for me, and I was enthralled by the opportunity for positive change.

The lead up to what I saw as the chance to create a better place to live, had engrossed me in a whirlwind of learning, hope and opportunity. Despite taking a passing interest, politics had never excited me on such a high level. I understood the huge importance of what was happening in my country, and as a result, took the time to educate myself on what was happening.

Conclusively, I came to the wholehearted and enthusiastic decision, to back independence. The more I learned, the more frustrated I became about my inability to vote due to my being 13 years old when the vote would take place, however, this did not stop me passionately supporting the yes campaign. I wanted a better future for us all.

The excitement remained within me constantly; it was all I wanted to speak about. I asked many of my teachers about it, but they were not allowed to share their opinions with me at all. In fact, there was something of a taboo on the subject within the school walls.

The premise seemed to be that teachers swaying the minds of children would be unfair, yet we learned about political happenings from other countries. In hindsight, it seems like an opportunity wasted, for example in Modern Studies class we could have discussed the process.

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Picture courtesy of Bella Caledonia