Bella Caledonia: Standards and conduct


By Bella Caledonia editor Mike Small

COLLAPSE, decay and decadence are all around us as the power base of the village of Westminster unravels in howls of fury and joy.

Lord Sewel’s exposure is only the very latest in a slew of disastrous scandals and debasement’s as the rotten corpse of British politics lies stinking-out the public realm.

As the British state tries to manage MI5 Spin in Scotland and Ireland and we await (endlessly) the Chilcott Report, the latest in the endless stream of pointless after-the-fact- establishment inquiries (try this one for joy), the real lesson, the real effrontery, is not the great Lord’s sexual deviancy, as Suzanne Moore puts it, ‘this is six-figure scrounging’.

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Picture courtesy of UK Parliament