Bella Caledonia: Sun’s oot – tapps off


By Common Weal director Robin McAlpine

WHEN we were picking the Scots words and phrases to be used to theme our Edinburgh Festival shows there was one phrase the team was particularly keen was included – “taps aff”.

For anyone from outside Scotland reading this it just means “look people, look – the sun has come out so don’t waste it, get your top off, run half naked through the streets and make the most of it while you can”.

In our Festival shows we use it to represent the moment in the progress of the independence campaign where we all realised that this was probably the best chance we had to take a shot at producing a really exciting political discussion, that the time for demure caution was over and the time to go just a bit mad was upon us.

It was the moment when the campaign that we all now celebrate was really born.

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Picture courtesy of Seniju