Bella Caledonia: Welcoming Bella’s New Columnists


Scotland new media website Bella Caledonia adds to its number

WE’RE delighted to announce two new columnists joining us on a regular basis, Stuart Cosgrove and Lesley Riddoch.

Stuart Cosgrove, famous for ‘The most petty and ill-informed football show on the radio’ and more recently author of ‘Detroit 67, The Year That Changed Soul’. The book plays to Stuart’s other love – Motown and classic Northern Soul music. Detroit 67 is the story of the city of Detroit in the most dramatic and creative year in its history. It features Motown, the breakup of The Supremes and the implosion of the most successful African-American record label ever, set against a backdrop of urban riots, escalating war in Vietnam and police corruption.

Stuart will bring us a fusion of music, politics and culture (and maybe even some football).

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Picture courtesy of Steve Bowbrick