Bella Caledonia: Will Scotland get no credit for a new politics?


I’M trying and failing to find the final turnout figures in Scotland. When I crashed out at half five it was looking like the turnout was heading for over 70 per cent. By that time I was getting frustrated that no-one on the BBC had mentioned the new voters.

If you looked at the change in votes, again and again the rise in the SNP vote was bigger than the fall in the vote of the other parties. Scotland has discovered something like five or ten per cent of its citizens who didn’t use to vote but now do.

And they massively, overwhelmingly vote SNP. The profile of these voters is generally younger, poorer, more disenfranchised. We have created a politics in this country that has reconnected with the people of the country. And here I really do mean ‘we’ because the whole Yes movement and the Scottish Greens have played an extremely important part in creating that politics.

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