Berlin prepares for pro-Scottish independence rally this weekend

Chris McQuade

Rally will descend on government headquarters in German capital

A MARCH supporting Scottish independence will take place tomorrow in Germany.

The event in Berlin has been organised by Germans for Scottish Independence (GFI) and will begin at Brandenburger Tor close to the UK embassy at 11am before finishing near Bundestag at 4pm.

Speakers include German MP Stefan Liebich, Tommy Sheridan and another mystery guest which GFI said will not be announced until tomorrow, and music will be provided by Kevin Gore.

“We have many coming over from Scotland and Scots and Germans over here.” Germans for Scottish Independence

Colin Macpherson of GFI is from Scotland but has lived in Germany for over 30 years. He said: “Our aims are twofold – firstly to raise awareness for the cause of Scottish independence in Germany, secondly to show our support for the indy movement back home.

“For the march, we have set a target of 200 – going on the feedback we have been receiving we are hopeful of meeting that target.

“We have many coming over from Scotland, and Scots and Germans over here – although of course our aim is to raise levels of awareness.”

The group will be using the hashtag #IndyBerlin17.

In addition to the speakers announced, a Catalan representative will also address the crowds alongside members of GFI.

CommonSpace reported yesterday that two political parties in Germany would “keep the door open” to Scotland remaining in the EU in the event of a Yes vote.

“Since 2014 we have, like all other indy groups, been reorganising ourselves and trying to improve what we do.” Germans for Scottish Independence

The Free Democratic Party (FDP) and Alliance 90/The Greens (The Greens) both conveyed this message through their manifestos.

Macpherson told CommonSpace these signs were encouraging: “I don’t think we can realistically expect outright support for independence on a cross party basis.

“However, these manifesto commitments follow on from the open letter signed by 50 European politicians a few months ago which similarly expressed support for the situation Scotland finds itself in.”

Twenty-six MEPs were amongst a group of 50 politicians from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Greece and Spain who declared that Scotland would be “most welcome” to join the EU should it choose to leave the UK.

Germans for Scottish Independence was formed by German national Marco Gorlach from Thuringia in east-central Germany, who told us that he fell in love with Scotland “many years ago”.

Macpherson told us why Gorlach formed the group: “Basically he wanted to do something, however small, to help in the run up to the referendum,” he said. 

“I became aware of it in early 2014. Since 2014 we have, like all other indy groups, been reorganising ourselves and trying to improve what we do.”

Pictures courtesy of: CommonSpace, GFI

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