Beyond the Noise: 20 years from Kosovo – the cauldron of humanitarian intervention?

Ben Wray

Beyond the Noise with David Jamieson is a weekly podcast with CommonSpace journalist David Jamieson, where he gets behind the 24/7 news cycle and gets to the heart of issues, trying to find the substance behind the headlines.

IN this week’s podcast, Jamieson speaks to Vladimir Unkovski-Korica, a lecturer in the Eastern and Central-European studies department at Glasgow University, about the legacy of the Kosovo War 20 years on.

They discuss:

1:54 – How great power conflicts shaped the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia and promoted conflict in the Balkans.

14:49 – How did the West seek to intervene into the collapse of the state?

17:45 – How the pro-war factions of the war on terror cut their teeth in the Balkans.

29:56 – How the anti-war movement also began to cohere.

Picture: Lorna Miller

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