Beyond the Noise: Food Bank Scotland – an era of permanent food poverty?

Ben Wray

Beyond the Noise with David Jamieson is a weekly podcast with CommonSpace journalist David Jamieson, where he gets behind the 24/7 news cycle and gets to heart of issues, trying to find the substance behind the headlines.

THIS week Jamieson speaks to Mary Anne MacLeod of the Menu for Change project which seeks to tackle food poverty. MacLeod has uncovered new evidence about the extent of food bank use in Scotland, at a time when much of the media has lost interest in the crisis of food poverty.

They discuss:

– 1:08 New data has shown that the use of food banks is more widespread than previously understood. What do we now understand?

– 2:50 Why nobody should imagine that food poverty has declined, just because it is no longer discussed in much of the media.

– 7:53 Why stigma around poverty may actually be suppressing food bank use.

– 14:23 Is political ambition in Scotland where it needs to be to tackle the crisis?

Picture: Lorna Miller

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