Beyond the Noise: Johnsonism’s coming assault on the indy movement

Ben Wray

Beyond the Noise with David Jamieson is a weekly podcast with CommonSpace journalist David Jamieson, where he gets behind the 24/7 news cycle and gets to the heart of issues, trying to find the substance behind the headlines.

IN this week’s podcast, Jamieson speaks to George Kerevan, economist, columnist at the National and former SNP MP about how the independence movement should adapt to the threat from Boris Johnson.

They discuss:

1:34 – What does Boris Johnson’s rebuttal to the independence movement mean, and how will he pursue an offensive strategy against the independence movement?

9:12 – How should the Scottish Government respond to this new strategy?

13:06 – Beyond the Scottish Government, how should the broader independence movement change to face the new threat?

17: 08 – How has the case for independence been impacted by Johnson and Brexit?

Picture courtesy of Lorna Miller