Beyond the Noise: ‘Socially determined stupidity’ – the ruling class Brexit collapse

Ben Wray

Beyond the Noise with David Jamieson is a weekly podcast with CommonSpace journalist David Jamieson, where he gets behind the 24/7 news cycle and gets to heart of issues, trying to find the substance behind the headlines.

THIS week Jamieson speaks to Glasgow University Sociology lecturer and historian Neil Davidson, about the class politics of Brexit, the profound nature of the crisis and its history in the development of British capitalism.

They discuss:

2:03 – How a state like the British state is designed to stop the kind of meltdown we are witnessing around Brexit

8:10 – What are the ideological roots of rightwing support for leaving the EU – is it a rational stance for Conservatives?

17:40 – Why the left shouldn’t be trying to stop the Brexit crisis, but rather see it as an opportunity.

27:07 – Is the working class in a position to intervene in the Brexit crisis? What resources does it have for that fight?

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