Beyond the Noise with David Jamieson – Brexit and the Crisis of the British State

Ben Wray

David Jamieson continues a new regular podcast for CommonSpace getting behind the noise of the 24/7 social media outrage culture and getting to the heart of the big issues in politics

BEYOND the Noise with David Jamieson is a new weekly podcast with CommonSpace journalist David Jamieson, where he gets behind the 24/7 outrage-driven social media news circus to the heart of the big political issues, finding the substance behind the headlines.

In his second podcast, Jamieson is joined by Scottish leftwing activist and writer Jonathon Shafi, who has written and spoken widely on Brexit and its meaning for Scottish and UK politics and society.

Jamieson and Shafi discuss get behind the day to day controversies around of deadlines and deals and ask what Brexit means, and what an effective response to this juncture in British society looks like.

Key issues Jamieson and Shafi explore in the podcast are:

– How Brexit represents the weakness of the right rather than its strength.

– Why the project of the political centre won’t be revived by resisting Brexit.

– Why the EU isn’t what the right or the centre left think it is.

– How the left can create an effective internationalism not based on institutions like the EU and UK.

– How the SNP leadership misunderstood Brexit and how to intervene in the British crisis.

Picture courtesy of Matt Brown

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