Bill Austin:

Ben Wray

Hogmanay December 2018, London: “Here we are, about to be protected from the EU, free to make our profits without a Vestager, Competition Commission and no Customs & Excise just twenty miles from France! Twenty miles! It’s nothing! Just one small step, looking for a man, or a determined woman, “she laughed as her eyes shone,” who wants to be an effective Prime Minister of Great Britain, and having the cash to make it possible. What I am saying is, we have now what we have always needed, real partnership with the government. Tax exemptions, no import duties and few labour laws. What’s not to like?” The shameless applauded, laughed and cheered.

Godfather II fans will recognise the above, paraphrased scene, as the mafia Capos, Hyman Roth and Don Corleone, delight at having a compliant, corrupt, Cuban government at the beck and call of their corporate illegal profit-making just off the US coast. The fiction was based on fact as corporate mobster, Meyer Lansky, had the Cuban government of Batista in his back pocket on 31 December 1958. Fortunately, for the Cuban people Batista lost power which forced the corporations and mafia out. Unfortunately, Scotland is about to become integral to London’s European “Cuba”.

So what’s the story? Theresa May and her billionaire gangsters are extremely close to achieving their aim of Hard Brexit. It is the only logical conclusion, in the smoke of current events that the 1 per cent are driving towards their finish line of a utopian compliant, low-tax haven off the coast of Europe. Where’s the evidence for this? As a career Customs officer, I submit the following substantiation for this analysis of the chain of evidence as it relates to Customs and Borders…

1997. Public school red Tory and Brit Nat, Tony Blair, becomes Prime Minster and continues the work of Thatcherism evidenced by not repealing a single Thatcherite policy of the previous two decades.

2003. Blair instructs his creature Gordon Brown to eliminate HM Customs & Excise as a first step towards corporate freedom. Blair takes the lead on this matter from reactionary USA which  “reorganized” the United States Customs Service out of existence in 2003. Brown, as Chancellor, disappeared HM C&E by 2005. Why? Both venerable professional organisations, whose ethos was to protect public revenues, were obstacles to corporate globalisation. They had to be removed to facilitate the corporate mafias.

Blair attended Fettes, “Eton in a kilt”, followed by St Johns college Oxford where he rubbed shoulders with like-minded Tories. For reference, David Cameron followed a similar path a decade later at Eton & Oxford. &  

2010. Power is seamlessly handed from Blair’s war mongering red Tories to his blue Tory ally, David Cameron. Blue Tory chancellor George Osborne describes Blair as “The Master” whilst Cameron retains Blair as an adviser. The close relationship with conservative USA is maintained. This crucial point affirms the incestuous London nexus with the Bush family hegemony and their direct immersion with the hawks of their Military Industrial Complex. Crucially, Theresa May is appointed Home Secretary taking control of Borders, through the UK Border Agency (UKBA).       

2014. Cameron ensures Scotland remains within London control by rigging the Independence Referendum with a campaign based on “Vote No to remain in the EU.” Oh, how they enjoyed that one! Having secured their northern borders, including the bountiful oil fields, delighted fellow Etonian and Oxford chums, Boris Johnson and Rees-Mogg, were free to launch Brexit in co-ordination with the neo-fascist Nigel Farage and his American backers. Cameron ensured their opportunity by including an EU Referendum pledge in the Tory 2015 Manifesto. 

It is inconceivable that Tory Hard Brexit strategy was not co-ordinated to firstly secure Scots oil revenues before setting off on Hard Brexit. The EU, with its written Constitution and Human Rights focus, is anathema to American corporations and their acolytes in Whitehall/Westminster.

Let’s credit the corporate mafia, and their conservative disciples on both sides of the Atlantic, with an extremely focused will to bring about Hard Brexit. The Prussian military master strategist, Von Clausewitz, observed “War is…an act of force to compel our enemy to our will.” Brexit is war, to them.

Their enemy, in the first instance, were the Customs services who existed to protect Public Revenues. Secondly, the Scots electorate were required to compliantly hand over their oil revenues, not to their Community, but to remain with the corporations to financially support their Brexit campaign and subsequent financial instability. Where has the Dark Money come from to finance their illegal campaign? The corporations using oil cash. Genius. Thirdly, the English public had to be induced to bring about a Leave vote which was easily achieved by feeding their racist xenophobia. Finally, the EU is now compelled to the will of Hard Brexit in full recognition that corporate London and Washington has almost achieved its aim. Not a shot has been fired. Horror awaits.

The current Brexit chaos and instability? “War is the realm of uncertainty; three quarters of the factors on which action in war is based are wrapped in a fog of greater or lesser uncertainty. A sensitive and discriminating judgment is called for; a skilled intelligence to scent out the truth.” Von Clausewtiz, again, argues the “Fog of War [Brexit]” is to be anticipated and embraced by strategically focusing on the principle “truth” of embarking on war.

To paraphrase, by doing so, while everything is going to rat-shit on the worst night of your life, you react better to the madness around you by focusing on that which must be achieved to secure the Aim. You drive on to achieve the Aim, in spite of the contrived mayhem and hysteria, whilst your enemy flounders in a state of paralysed confusion and indecision. The bewilderment, bedlam and anarchy is there to be embraced by those who anticipate it and are utterly determined to achieve their totalitarian war objective. Public school and Oxbridge fosters such character.

2015. The UK General Election saw the SNP take 50% of the Scots popular vote thereby securing 56 of 59 Scots MPs. This did not comply with the Hard Brexit plan and would have to be addressed.

2016. Enter stage right Prime Minister Theresa Mary May, nee Brasier. Cameron hands over the Tory baton to a fellow British Nationalist formed from English public school and the corporate continuity of Oxford. Funny old thing. Her husband is a corporate billionaire. They met while at Oxford together.

If the Tories had to create a beast which embodies unashamed arrogance within a neo-con, hard, determined Thatcher II frame then Theresa is it. As mentioned above, her Borders experience began in 2010 when, as Home Secretary, she was boss of the discredited “unfit for purpose” UKBA which she soon mercilessly scatters to found UK Border Force (UKBF). She is more than aware that UKBF does Immigration. Not Customs. She contrived this to ensure border controls did not interfere with the import and export movements of corporations whilst pandering to her anti-immigration voters. What a girl, eh?

So what? If there is one person in this Hard Brexit who has a firm grasp of Borders and Customs issues its Theresa May. Every straw-man Customs paper produced by this Tory government has been created to imply a smokescreen of activity and product. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mrs May, on behalf of her Hard Brexiteers, has never had any intention of having effective Customs controls.      

2017. 29th March. Everything you want to know about EU Customs and Borders BREXIT position was delivered to the House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee (NIAC)

The EU position is explicit. No access to the Customs Union without Freedom of Movement of People. This fact has not changed and cannot change without agreement of the 27 EU member states. The EU does not have to change because it is not them leaving the Customs Union. The Tory and DUP Hard Brexiteers fully understand this. In relation to NI, the Brexiteers have zero intention of implementing UK customs controls as they have zip intention of having Customs controls anywhere in UK! 

Corbyns pro-Brexit red Tory party disingenuously promotes an alternative Customs Union without Freedom of Movement. He clearly believes his voter base is stupid enough to believe this. Brexit has clearly evidenced their gullibility.

18th April. Theresa May assiduously calculates that a snap General Election will emasculate the SNPs strong position. She “takes one for the team” but leaves their Hard Brexit strategy firmly intact. Nicola Queen of Scots is very effectively side-stepped by the harridan, pitiless, cold-blooded Queen Theresa lurking in her London lair. History repeating itself.

In conclusion, is Hard Brexit on track? Absolutely. The corporate gangsters are delighted. The House of Commons (HoC) have been marginalised simply by being offered the illusion of being consulted and involved as red and blue tories collude. The latest example is having a “Meaningful Vote” dangled in front of them only to have it hilariously whipped away from them at the last minute. “It’s only deferred,” smiled Theresa, “We’ll definitely have one a few weeks before Hard Brexit. Honest.”

If there is to be a pretend last minute charade and HoC does what it has threatened and votes against the PMs Deal what does that leave? No deal. Hard Brexit. And no time to stop it.

It is implausible that the Tories will bring on a Leadership contest, far less a vote of No Confidence, and risk giving up power. Why the current Leadership contest smokescreen? Tory party rules ensure that if the PM survives this wee sham there must be no further contest for the next 12 months, therefore Theresa May survives to finish the Hard Brexit job. Sweet.

Theresa May is playing an absolute Hard Brexit blinder. She can feel her fingers running through her ermine robes already.   Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II stated on 22 Oct 2018,”that as “innovators, traders and internationalists we look with confidence to the future”. Prince Charles to be crowned King in 2019? A Royal Coronation is just what The Nation needs to “unite” it. Panem et circenses.

Next time you look at Theresa May does she appear humiliated? Embarrassed? Really? I see an uncompromising, fanatical, callous, brutal Tory who has Hard Brexit victory in her grasp.

“Posh Boys…evidences how those who have been through the English private school system have brought about Brexit based on a racist, xenophobic agenda in order to “bring back control.” This slogan “was formulated by a canny privately educated strategist. It begs the question: who was wresting control, and from whom?” The answers are further control of “England” for their own elite and their neo-fascist enthusiasts in USA.

English tabloid readers voted “Leave” in their millions as “bring back control” panders to their non-cerebral hatred and fear of anyone “foreign”…they are actually dupes of their own ruling class.”

History will judge the SNPs 2017 strategic General Election decision not to focus on Independence which saw them misplace 500,000 voters whilst losing 21 MPs. Hindsight is 20/20. What have they learned? Focus on Independence? All I see is SNP parliamentarians disappearing down Brexit, Peoples Vote and Votes of No Confidence rabbit holes to the sound of Theresa Mays braying laughter.   

Events are currently demonstrating the SNP are firmly drawn into the Brexit Fog of War to the abject delight of the Hard Brexiteers. There is zero evidence the SNP leadership are completely and absolutely focused on Independence as their strategic war aim. Cui bono? Whitehall/Westminster.

Time is fast running out.

Independence first for the SNP?

EU or EFTA membership must be a secondary issue.

Totalitarian Hard Brexit is winning.