Brand new #MoodieVision series 3: Marriage Guidance


CommonSpace presents the weird and wacky minds of Greg Moodie and Rose Garnett

IT’S finally here – the first episode of MoodieVision series three is now out and legal letters will soon be arriving on CommonSpace’s doorstep.

In episode one, Marriage Guidance, Corky, former special adviser to Alistair Carmichael and now ‘relationship counsellor’, tries to reconcile the two warring sides of the Labour party with dubious intentions and bruising results.

In the red corner: Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell. In the blue corner: Hilary ‘Shirley’ Benn, Tom Watson and Maria Eagle.

MoodieVision is written and produced by Greg Moodie and Rose Garnett. Tune in next Wednesday at noon for the next instalment.