Brexit chaos deepens as Tories lose UK High Court case


Court rules government cannot trigger Article 50 on leaving the EU

THE TORY GOVERNMENT CANNOT unilaterally trigger article 50 to leave the European Union, the High Court in London has ruled. 

The verdict throws Tory plans to begin EU exit in jeopardy as the ruling states that parliament should get a vote on triggering Article 50. 

UK Government spokespeople have confirmed that the result will be appealed to the supreme court. 

Prime minister Theresa May has planned to begin the two year process of negotiating formal EU exit before the end of March 2017. 

However, the High Court ruling suggests a vote in parliament or independent government legislation would be required before triggering the article – potentially throwing the Tory Brexit timeline into chaos. 

Labour’s Brexit spokesperson Barry Gardiner responded that “the terms [of EU exit] must be subject to the scrutiny and consent of parliament”, while LibDem leader Tim Farron also said further information on the government’s negotiation plan should be published ahead of any vote. 

Scotland United: Parliament backs negotiations to keep Scotland in the EU 

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones reaffirmed that UK nations need to be involved in the Brexit process.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon added that the verdict “underlines the total chaos & confusion at the heart of the [Tory Government]”.

The Tory government made no plans for a Leave vote ahead of the referendum. It was then decided to trigger article 50 by ‘royal prerogative’, which has now been defeated in court. 

There remains no Tory negotiating position for EU exit over four months after the vote, meaning continued uncertainty for financial services, exports, manufacturing, agriculture, science and university sectors and EU nationals.

The Scottish Government, which has warned against a ‘Hard Brexit’, has pledged to publish its own negotiating priorities this year. 

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