British nationalist lashes out at English pro-independence supporters


Unionist in angry outburst at English people backing Scottish independence 

A RETIRED ACADEMIC held up as a leading ‘voice of unionism’ in Scotland has launched a bizarre, offensive outburst at English people for backing Scottish independence. 

Jill Stephenson, previously placed at the university of Edinburgh, hit out at “these fuckers from south of the border” in her latest online rant against the independence movement. 

Stephenson, connected to the Scotland in Union campaign group and recently published as a columnist in the Scotsman, previously hit the headlines for calling young MP Mhairi Black a “foul-mouthed slut” and speculated on arming herself for political purposes.

Stephenson did not reply to a further request for comment from CommonSpace after she said there were “No words too strong…” for people from England that back independence. 

The remarks came following a passionate BBC Question Time debate when Mark Littlewood, former head of media for the Liberal Democrats and current Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs, spoke out in favour of independence. 

Campaign group ‘English Scots for Yes’ supported independence in 2014, and continues to work to dispel myths about the purpose and nature of the case for self-government. 

The group recently had a relaunch, pledging to take its campaign to the hundreds of thousands of people who were born in England and now live in Scotland.

Organiser Math Campbell wrote: “Ultimately, whilst we shall always hold England dear in our hearts, we are English-Scots – we have made Scotland our home, and it is to Scotland’s future we must look.  For these reasons, and many others that are still unchanged from 2014, we must throw our weight and support behind the call for a second referendum and tell the people of Scotland to vote Yes. Again.”

Picture courtesy of English Scots for Yes

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