“Today we have one simple call: for politicians across Britain to act now to end carers’ poverty. Carers must be given the same level of support and respect they give to others; both now and for good.” – Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland

Clap for Carers or Value Them in the Economy?

“Unattainable ideals perpetuate inequality, absorb our time, energy and money, suck the joy from experiences with friends and set the tone for our engagement with the wider world. It’s time to break this vicious cycle for ourselves and future generations.”

Towards a Body Positive Scotland

Beyond the Noise is a regular Source.scot podcast, where journalist David Jamieson gets behind the headlines to explore issues in the news in more depth This week Jamieson is joined by writer and activist Jonathon Shafi, to discuss the scale of the unfolding crisis, and the forms that inevitable resistance will take. They discuss: 1:00 […]

Beyond the Noise: From CoronaCrash to resistance