Building Our Common Future: Stepping Up Our Game


Common Weal campaigns officer Jonathon Shafi explains the think-tank, and CommonSpace funder’s, new fundraising drive, and why you should back it

TODAY Common Weal is launching a fundraising drive to raise our game in the critical months and years ahead.

The fight for independence requires that our ideas and aspirations are backed up with a credible policy platform – and a vision that can inspire millions of Scots. One that can change peoples lives for the better, and challenges the failed status quo.

Common Weal is at the heart of this work. As a think tank, we’re generating the policies and provoking the debates that we need to have as a movement. We are a movement of activists, with local groups across Scotland – connecting our ideas with our communities. And with Common Space we give a platform to the broad sweep of Scotland’s progressive causes, as well as expanding into more analysis, podcasting and audiovisual content.

It may be cliche to say that we are “needed now more than ever.’ But the truth is that the political context today makes that absolutely, and genuinely, the case.

Our society requires a flow of ideas that can impact policy makers and politicians to make the transformative changes needed. The independence movement flourishes when it is a buzz of discussion and debate about how we are going to change the country for the better. Common Weal is front and centre in this endeavour.

We are up against think tanks and lobby groups financed by millionaires and the corporate elite. We give a platform for the alternatives to the vested interests. And running through everything we do, a determination that Scotland must be independent, with full control over our future.

That is why we are mounting a campaign for an independent Scottish currency. Backed up with a plan of action – we seek to positively engage in the debate around the Growth Commission. A sign of a maturing movement, and one that is capable of winning.

Our position is proving popular, and we are pleased that we are able to bring such high quality analysis and proposals to the table.

We want to ensure we have control over our monetary policy so that we can transform our economy. To make a healthier, happier and more just society. For too long neoliberalism has sucked investment away from our most precious resource. Our people: the real wealth creators.

We have a big vision for a common future that puts people first – and we do the work to help make it happen. As such we have produced briefings, papers and campaigns on land reform, renewable energy, fracking, food and how to maximising Scotland’s natural resources. 

Infact in the four years Common Weal has existed it has produced over 80 policy papers, organised dozens of events – and we making Scotland better.

Consider the following. A Scottish National Investment Bank, a National Infrastructure Company, reform of how universities are run, on fracking, on air passenger duty, on the economics of independence and challenging GERS, on childcare policy, the parliament’s lobbying register, building participatory democracy and much more.

We are making things happen and changing the national story.

That is what we can achieve now. Just imagine what we could do with a surge of financial support.

We have a team of talented and dedicated staff. We have built a network of independent local groups all over the country who are organising campaigns, focusing on political education, and using Common Weal principles to make a difference in our communities.

We want to step our entire operation up a gear. We hope you can see why this is so important. Any change worth having comes from ordinary people banding together and organising. We have a big contribution to make to that process, as Scotland continues its journey to independence.

We are asking that 250 of you give just £10 a month as a base line of extra funds that will help us to secure our present team and expand our reach and deepen our impact.

We will not let you down. Let us build a common future, that we can all be proud of. For our children and the generations to come.