Butterfly Rammy: Dour


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THE latest from Common Weal’s Butterly Rammy series at the Edinburgh Fringe show on 9 August was ‘Dour’.

The first stages of the Scottish independence referendum campaign were a dry, dour affair. Our panel discussed what it was that inspired people to take the debate into their own hands, how to sustain popular movements and whether there has been a slight return to dourness since the No vote.

The guests were Green Party candidate and Common Weal board member Sarah Beattie-Smith and Brain Logan, Guardian writer and director of Camden People’s Theatre.

Music was from Sound of Yell. The hosts Pauline and Tam also performed Gav Prentice’s Dour essay from the Butterfly Rammy book.

Butterfly Rammy will run until 30 August at the Stand in the Square.

Each show is based around one Scots word that represents ‘Butterfly Rammy’–the multiple and diverse thinking and activism that developed through the independence movement.

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Picture courtesy of Common Weal