Butterfly Rammy: Ken


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THE Common Weal Butterfly Rammy theme on 15 August was ‘Ken’.

Among topics discussed was how huge amounts of people self-educated during the referendum campaign; rejecting many ‘old’ forms of media, seeking out information from new sources and interlocuting with their peers.

Guests included Oxfam policy advisor Katherine Trebeck (speaking in a personal capacity), equality campaigner Jamie Szymkowiak and playwright Sara Shaarawi.
Music was provided by “Scotland’s best rapper” MC Almond Milk and Sara performed her contribution for the Ken chapter of the Butterfly Rammy book, ‘Ken What? – A confession of Love from an Egyptian Immigrant’.

Butterfly Rammy will run until 30 August at the Stand in the Square.

Each show is based around one Scots word that represents ‘Butterfly Rammy’–the multiple and diverse thinking and activism that developed through the independence movement.

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Picture courtesy of Common Weal