Butterfly Rammy: Rammy


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THE 16 Augusts show saw Common Weal address the ‘Rammy’ of Butterfly Rammy.

Politicians were keen to control the debate during the referendum in the style that has become common-place to them – but people’s indignance to the tenor of the No campaign saw this rejected.

The independence movement was so vibrant and spoke with so many different voices that it was impossible to contain it. The panel discussed whether this was likely to remain the case in Scotland and what some of the potential rammies of the near future might be, including land reform, food policy and the Labour party’s potential election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

Guests included historian Lesley Orr, playwright Peter Arnott and Mike Small, editor of Bella Caledonia.

The musical guest was Hannah Joy Kitchen from Edinburgh band Kite and the Crane, and Peter read from his humourous and thought provoking essay in the Butterfly Rammy book.

Butterfly Rammy will run until 30 August at the Stand in the Square.

Each show is based around one Scots word that represents ‘Butterfly Rammy’–the multiple and diverse thinking and activism that developed through the independence movement.

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Picture courtesy of Common Weal