Campaigners celebrate record breaking figures by Scotland’s windfarms

Nathanael Williams

Scotland’s windfarms produce more electricity than needed four days in a row with green groups claiming it is evidence of the benefit of a renewable future for Scotland

WINDFARMS in Scotland have broken previous records to produce more electricity than its demand over four consecutive days during the Christmas period.

The news came as a result of research carried out by the EU funded data firm Weather Energy in cooperation with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Scotland.

On Christmas Day of last year, windfarms generated up to 153 per cent of Scotland’s household energy needs leading environmental campaigners to point to the huge progress that renewables have made over recent years.

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Commenting on the jump in electricity generation WWF Scotland’s director Lang Banks said: “Scotland can be proud that its record-breaking wind power output at the end of December, and resulting export of excess electricity through interconnectors to England, greatly contributed to what also proved a record-breaking week for wind power across the entire UK.

“Later this month, the Scottish Government is expected to publish its new energy strategy. We hope these latest wind power records embolden Ministers to aim high when it comes to the role renewables play in their forthcoming strategy especially in areas beyond the power sector, such as heat and transport.”

According to WE data, Scotland’s windfarms generated 119 per cent of required electrical national output on December 23, 132 per cent on Christmas Eve, 153 per cent on Christmas Day and 132 per cent on Boxing Day.

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For the month of December, Scotland’s total electricity consumption was over two million megawatts (MWh) with wind power supplying the equivalent of 53 per cent of the country’s entire electricity needs over the month.

Last year, charities such as WWF Scotland and Friends of the Earth Scotland (FoES) called on the Scottish Government to launch an electrical revolution to increase sustainability, jobs and electric transport.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government told CommonSpace: “These figures are a clear example of the investment that has been put into national projects and local communities. Our aim will be to encourage more regional and local development and work alongside firms who want to invest in Scotland and renewable technology.”

Picture courtesy of Ian Dick

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