Catalan cinema comes to Scotland in expression of artistic solidarity

Nathanael Williams

Festival film night to arrive in Edinburgh featuring best of Catalonian art

SCOTLAND’S CATALAN CENTRE will showcase a range of film and animation at the Edinburgh School of Art on Friday 30 September at 7.30pm, called A Short Homage To Catalonia.

The launch will be the first of its kind to celebrate Catalonian art and cinema in Scotland coinciding with a period of increasing cultural and political connections between the two nations.

Marc Riba, a Catalan director who has been screened at the Cannes and Toronto film festivals, will be in atendence to talk about Catalan language, society, culture, animated movies and the film industry.

“This is a unique opportunity to approach the most significant proposals of a truly vibrant culture.” Alberto Valverde

Alberto Valverde, spokesperson for the Cinema Attic film collective who are putting on the event, said: “This is a unique opportunity to approach the most significant proposals of a truly vibrant culture.

“On this occasion, we will present the best of contemporary Catalan cinema because we believe the platforms responsible for it (Acadèmia, TV3, and distribution companies such as Marvin & Wayne, filmmaking schools such as ESCAC) are doing things in simple and wise fashion, facilitating the legion possibilities for their new -and of course the established- filmmakers to flourish.

“All of the selected works have captivated international audiences in the world’s most prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Toronto or Clermont-Ferrand, and have harvested awards at [the] Goya ceremony, Premis Gaudi or BAFTA.

“Now they arrive for the first time in Edinburgh. Strictly the best to understand the excellent state of [the] Catalan film industry.”

The event, taking place in St Pauls Hall in Edinburgh, seeks to express the strong politcal and culutral heritage of Catalonia and is part of concernted attempts by Cinema Attic to demonstrate its artistic clout as a collective and on behalf of Scotland.

Teaming up with the Catalan Centre in Scotland will be the drinks company Estrella Damm who will provide refreshments and funding for the evening’s entertainment.

Picture courtesy of Cinema Attic

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