‘Ceilidh-IN’: band to host pro-EU dance party outside Scottish Parliament


Midday party on eve of poll to celebrate European unity with strip the willow 

AS THE VOLUME RISES ahead of Thursday 23 June’s vote on European Union membership, Edinburgh band Lau have decided to add a Scottish celebration of European solidarity with a ceilidh outside the Scottish Parliament. 

With an invite to “all musicians, dancers and members of the public”, the folk band will host a “strip-the-willow for Europe” to bring some fun and dancing to the final day of referendum campaigning. 

In a campaign dominated by heated exchanges on the economy and immigration between leading Conservative politicians, the band hope the event will make a statement on shared European cultures and the need for solidarity and inclusion. 

“We love travelling around Europe playing our funny music,” Lau said in a band statement.

“We love being able to turn up in France or Spain or Sweden and experience sonic, gastronomic and human delights from across the world. Each European nation has its own identity: no question about it. And (to varying degrees) each has welcomed other cultures that add to the mix.

“We love being part of it. We hope we add to it, too. Let’s vote to stay part of an inclusive, motley, beautiful union that makes our cultural horizons infinitely richer. Yes, elements of the bureaucracy are flawed, but let’s be part of making it better.”

The ceilidh will take place at 12-midday, 22 June outside the Scottish Parliament.

According to opinion polls, the EU referendum result UK-wide is too close to call with two days remaining. 

Picture courtesy of Ceilidh-In 

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