Clap for Carers or Value Them in the Economy?

Bed in care home

“Today we have one simple call: for politicians across Britain to act now to end carers’ poverty. Carers must be given the same level of support and respect they give to others; both now and for good.” – Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland

Oxfam has released a report reviewing the links between carers and poverty. In a time where culturally we are calling key workers ‘heroes’, and they are more valued than ever in the collective conscious, we need to be calling on our politicians to value them in the economy. 

“It’s time these inequalities were addressed, and that carer’s contributions to our communities and economy are properly recognised and rewarded.”  – Anne Meikle, Convener of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group.

Read Oxfam’s ‘Care, Poverty, and Coronavirus Across Britain’ Report.

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