Common Market declares Braw Friday to boost ethical businesses

Nathanael Williams

Platform rallies public behind Scottish ethical businesses on Thanksgiving shopping holiday

COMMON MARKET, the new trading platform set up to promote small ethical Scottish businesses has called on people and communities to support local shops during Black Friday.

Using the hashtag #BrawFriday, the campaign seeks to subvert the already established shopping holiday imported from the US as a one-day post-Thanksgiving weekend shopping spree.

Its new website already hosts a range of businesses including artists, food producers and fashion retailers among others and is already taking orders.

Common Market: Boost for Scottish business as new ethical market launches

Commenting on the campaign, actor and activist Elaine C Smith said: “We have fantastic talent, innovators and products here so why not let the world know in a way that we can support and control. This is what Common Market is all about – unleashing a different, smarter, better way to live, work and play – and we certainly need to embrace all of that.”

Campaigners point to figures that show £3bn was spent over the last Black Friday weekend and they argue this money could be going to local, ethical business instead of large corporations. 

Fiona Hunter, Common Weal graphic designer, added: “Scotland has the potential to boast a thriving community of makers and producers and it is vital that we support them before faceless multinationals. At Common Market we want to show that it is worth investing in quality local products and supporting the real economy, rather than encouraging the mass consumption of the fat-cat companies and black Friday charade.”

Picture courtesy of Common Market

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