Common Weal North Glasgow: Conversation with SNP national secretary and #GE2015 candidate Patrick Grady


Local group step up election information campaign

THE Common Weal North Glasgow group caught up with SNP national secretary Patrick Grady as part of its General Election campaign last week.

Writes Bobby Hainey: “Mairi and I went along to discuss the General Election with SNP national secretary Patrick Grady. He is the SNP candidate for North Glasgow.

“We went to discuss the results of our survey (click here to read more). We also hope to talk to Ann Mckechin soon to get answers to the same questions from a Labour perspective.

“We discuss many things including the NHS, Trident, benefits, tax Avoidance and constitutional change.”

Click here to visit the Common Weal North Glasgow website and listen to the podcast.

Picture courtesy of CaptainOates