#CommonDebate: How can Scotland further improve care and provision for refugees?

Maxine Blane

Today via CommonSocial, Twitter and Facebook we asked for your responses to our #CommonDebate feature

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Campaigners gathered in Edinburgh last night to call for the French and UK governements to give protection to unaccompanied refugee children, and today’s #CommonDebate question was: ‘As the first refugee children arrive in the UK from Calais, how can Scotland further improve care and provision for refugees?’

One user who responded felt that an independent Scotland would provide improved care and support for those seeking refuge:



Another user questioned how far the Scottish Government would be able to act on the refugee crisis within the limits of devolved powers.



Devoting resources to training and developing of existing care systems was one suggestion offered by this user:



One respondent linked the arrival of children from Calais to recent stories in tabloid media questioning the status of the unattended refugee children, but other users highlighted the negative media reception as an issue in itself.



Finally, one user pointed to provision of housing as an area on which Scotland should focus:



We’d like to thank everyone who responded, and encourage you all to get involved in our next #CommonDebate on CommonSocial, Twitter or Facebook, or even tell us what you think about the latest question in the comments below.

Picture courtesy of Alisdare Hickson

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