#CommonDebate: How would a Corbyn victory in leadership ballot affect Scottish Labour?

Maxine Blane

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Voting closed this afternoon in the Labour leadership race between Jeremy Corbyn and challenger Owen Smith, with the result to be announced at the party’s conference on 24 September.

Looking towards the future, today’s question was: As Labour leadership ballots close, how do you think a potential Corbyn victory would affect Scottish Labour?

Our first response highlighted the news that Scottish Labour is to operate autonomously from the wider UK party:

One user felt that it was difficult to gauge any possible effect on the party due to a lack of information.



Another user bluntly queried whether a Corbyn victory would lead to Scottish Labour’s leader Kezia Dugdale changing her opinion of Corbyn.



One suggestion was that Scottish Labour could potentially align itself to a breakaway section of the wider party if such a division were to occur.



Finally, we’d like to leave you with a couple of the more humourous repsonses to today’s #CommonDebate. Perhaps Scottish Labour could release a greatest hits compilation soon?





We’d like to thank everyone who responded, and encourage you all to get involved in our next #CommonDebate on CommonSocial, Twitter or Facebook, or even tell us what you think about the latest question in the comments below.

Picture courtesy of Clara

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