#CommonDebate is back with your views on when we should hold #indyref2

Maxine Blane

Today via Twitter and Facebook we asked for your responses to our #CommonDebate feature

AS part of Scotland’s new media, what you think about the news is a top priority for CommonSpace – we want to know how you feel about major news stories, and what events you think should be getting attention.

Your views on news issues are incredibly important to us, and we want you to be involved every step of the way. Whenever there’s a big question or issue drawing public attention, we’ll use the #CommonDebate hashtag to make sure your voice is heard.

Today’s #CommonDebate question was: ‘As a new report is released on currency options by CommonWeal and a pro-Indy march set for 30 July, when do you think #indyref2 should take place?’

Brexit was the focus for the majority of responses, but with uncertainty lingering over Article 50, a definite when seemed out of reach.


Others felt that Brexit negotiations might provide the time to refine and strengthen arguments for indyref 2, and that a simultaneous separation might be possible.

Some focused on the need for a clear path to victory and were reluctant to call another referendum without obvious support.

Building majority support for indyref 2 has been a hot topic on the CommonSpace opinion section recently, and Anas Hassan shares his views on making the campaign attractive to the mainstream here.

Finally, some responses were concise and to the point. We’ll be wanting the lottery numbers if @Charnoski’s prediction turns out out to be correct…


We’d also like to thank everyone who responded, and encourage you all to get involved in our next #CommonDebate on Twitter or Facebook, or even tell us what you think about today’s question in the comments below.

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Picture courtesy of byronv2