#CommonDebate: What does a Trump presidency mean for Scotland?

Maxine Blane

Today via CommonSocial, Twitter and Facebook we asked for your responses to our #CommonDebate feature

AS part of Scotland’s new media, what you think about the news is a top priority for CommonSpace – we want to know how you feel about major news stories, and what events you think should be getting attention.

Your views on news issues are incredibly important to us, and we want you to be involved every step of the way. Whenever there’s a big question or issue drawing public attention, we’ll use the #CommonDebate hashtag to make sure your voice is heard.

After the news that Republican presidential candidate Donald J Trump had defied predictions to secure victory in the US election, today’s #CommonDebate question came in two parts asking both: ‘How do you feel about Trump's US Election victory?’ and ‘What does a Trump presidency mean for Scotland?’

Our first responder struggled to reconcile Trump’s victory with common sense, and felt that perhaps his presidency would create an opportunity to offer Trident nuclear weapons, part of the control for which resides in the Pentagon, back to America:

Another twitter user was simply stunned, and thought that Trump’s ability to hold a grudge could be an issue for Scotland in the future:

One user higlighted First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s public support for Hillary Clinton as a possible issue.

Concerns were raised by this user about how foreign policy under Trump might affect Scotland:

Round-up: Scotland reacts to President Trump

This user showed evident disgust at Trump’s success, and felt that possible instability created by his presidency could damage the independence movement in Scotland.

Finally, one twitter user recast Trump’s victory as a call to action, and as a signal for Scotland to protect it’s assets:

We’d like to thank everyone who responded, and encourage you all to get involved in our next #CommonDebate on CommonSocial, Twitter or Facebook, or even tell us what you think about the latest question in the comments below.

Picture courtesy of Ric Lander

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