CommonSpace Forum 30 July: Where now for Catalan Independence?

Ben Wray

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ON THE day former Catalan Education Minister Clara Ponsati begins a trial in Edinburgh over an attempt by Spain to extradite her on charges which include the ancient law of Treason for her part in the Catalan independence referendum, CommonSpace hosts a forum to discuss where now for the Catalan independence movement:

– How does the new Spanish Government change the situation?

– Will the political prisoners and those extradited be released?

– What should the Catalan independence movement learn from the experience of last year’s referendum?

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George Kerevan, former SNP MP and co-author of Catalonia Reborn

Chris Bambery, author of People’s History of Scotland and co-author of Catalonia Reborn

Joanna Cherry, SNP MP for Edinburgh South West.

Elisenda Paluzie, President of the Catalan National Assembly.

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